The Exposure Tours Difference

Our tours are based on decades of experience from real travellers and professional photographers. This allows us to approach both our custom and group trips from a unique perspective with benefits that no one in the industry currently employs.

Typically travel agents will put up you in a vehicle with up to six other guests (they probably won’t tell you this until you arrive) At Exposure tours, even on our group tours we limit each vehicle to just 2 guests. You will have the feeling of an exclusive private tour but at a fraction of the cost. This format is perfect for anyone who want to travel at their own pace, always get a clear view yet still socialise at meal times or at by the campfire.

You will find many additional benefits as you explore the specific type of tour you are looking for. We strongly support protecting the environment and animal welfare. For this reason we do not conduct our tours in counties that allow sport hunting (Botswana, South Africa, etc). Please see our eco tours section for more information.

photo safari


"Our high expectations were more than met, they were exceeded!"
Mr & Mrs. B. - Toronto, 2014 safari guests

"That was a remarkable Trip! Lots of great photos"
David K - London, 2015 safari guest





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